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When Was the Last Time You Had Heating System Maintenance?

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Even if your HVAC unit is in perfect working order, you should still have it looked at. TSK Heating and Cooling offers annual HVAC maintenance checkups in Ballston Spa, Milton & Saratoga Springs, NY. This lets you identify problems before they start, which will save you money on repairs.

Want to know what other benefits there are to routine maintenance? Perks include:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved air quality in the home
  • Systems that last longer
  • Keeping your loved ones safe

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Neglected HVAC units aren't so harmless

Neglected HVAC units aren't so harmless

Ignoring the suggested heating system maintenance may not seem like a big deal. What could go wrong, right? As it turns out, hidden dangers may be lurking behind the scenes. Skipping routine maintenance can:

  • Raise energy bills
  • Cause poor indoor air quality
  • Lead to costly repairs later on
  • Increase the risk of fire

Ready to get your appointment scheduled? Call TSK Heating and Cooling for heating system maintenance before small problems before big ones.